Top Notch Features

Pinqscreen Techonology

Pinqscreen(Pictures in Quality) is an Exibition System designed to project our Users to a Global Spotlight and is updated periodically, This helps to ensure constant quality content flow in the system, Every Post in finnchat will inspire you

finnchat Market Place

finnchat Business is an inbuilt feature designed for small business owners, your catalog is Already waiting for your product and services to be uploaded for your target market, simply by switching your account to merchant Account in your settings and All your followers will be notified about your new Product or Services, merchant can also get their Product, Services and Brands featured on The Pinqscreen for a Global Scale promotion, if you are aspiring to be or already a merchandise, finnchat is

  • The Most Stable Market for your Products and Services
  • A healthy and Wealthy Community for your Product or Services
  • The most secured and Robust digital community
  • The home of ready made Customers with purchasing power to buy your Products and services

Share your Favorite Moment

finnchat is a social platform for lifestyle, creativity and Art, you can share your Fav moments as a Photo or Video to your fans, friends and family which can at the same time become a #Trend.


Simple and Reliable Messaging

with finnchat, you can send text, voice, photo, video, documents and location messages, with end-to-end Encryption


Stay Connected

Stay connected privately or with group of people that matters, like your friends, coworkers or business partners with maximum of 512 people, to share text, photos, videos, documents and location


Unlimited calls

finnchat Voice and Video calls uses your phone's internet connection, to make your voice and video calls free of charge. so you can talk for free with your friends and family anywhere in the world without worrying of expensive call charges

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